Circle Of Hope Girls Ranch in Colorado Springs, Colorado - This facility may abuse children

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I am not an individual that personally survived this facility, but here's a discussion started by someone that did "My first night there Boyd punched me across the face... everything went down hill from there"

I am a child advocate and volunteer with CAFETY, and we get countless reports of abuse about "troubled-teen" facilities like this one. Stay away from this facility or any other that claims to cure bad behavior, see the GAO investigation of places like this.


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I am a parent of a survior of this place and they do abuse children. I would highly recommend that you google them and do the research on the TRUTH and EVIDENCE that is out there about this place.

My daughter was only there for a a short time and the abuses that she endured and witnessed are horrific! Please protect them...


Thank you for this information. Really appreciate it.

Circle Of Hope Girls Ranch in Syracuse, New York - Lied and Scammed $

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I would avoid Circle Of Hope Boarding School if I were you they have been reported for abusing the girls:emotionally,physically,{{Redacted}} and not educate them. They will brain wash your child and you will get a nightmare to deal with!

As NO ONE will correct the wrong doings of this company they are getting away with all this in the name of Jesus!

Sick and the church that back them is just as bad they tell you that they are the BEST Thing to help your daughter and they are aware of abuses and do nothing! In fact they and 35 other church support the abuse,,how messed up is that ????

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